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12 Week Program 

Reclaim Your Confidence In Attracting The Right One


I really dislike that saying, "time is a healer". Trust me... it's really not.


In 2013, I was in a relationship with someone I imagined spending the rest of my life with.


Until it ended abruptly. I was left with no closure, no contact. I almost lost everything in the process... including my mind.


After this betrayal, I became a commitment-phobe. Sure, I still dated - but the moment things started to get a bit serious, I ran for the hills!


After a lot of work and a lot of time, I began feeling more comfortable with the idea of starting a new relationship. The problem? As soon as I allowed myself to be vulnerable with somebody, the old baggage would come back to haunt me. These feelings rose from the dead... like a zombie.


This "zombie" had to be stopped... before it ruined my love life forever. I can't bear to imagine spoiling the amazing connection with my partner. 


Do you have a "zombie" chasing you? Has the past shaped the woman you are today?


I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way. I'm here to help you understand how to get completely rid of this baggage. You will have the closure you've been searching for.


Let's bury the undead together! 


Shall we do this? Let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Lily Walford

I'm passionate about understanding love and relationships on a deep level.


I'm an NLP master practitioner, hypnotist, and behavioural profiler.


I help women heal from their past to get the love lives they are meant for.

You want to heal from the past, but it feels impossible... 

🥀 Your mind keeps bringing up painful memories


🥀 Lonely mornings make you want to stay in bed all day


🥀 The thought of running into your ex fills you with anxiety


🥀 You get angry at yourself for choosing your ex-partner


🥀 Nagging thoughts constantly fill your head


🥀 Seeing your friends in happy relationships hurts


🥀 You wonder what people say about you


🥀 You keep beating yourself up for not seeing the signs sooner

🥀 The pain of not being chosen haunts you

It's time to change! Are you ready?

🌺 Feel unshakeable self-confidence, reclaiming who you are


🌺 Let go of the past and make peace with your previous relationships


🌺 Learn to recognise toxic patterns, and dodge bullets!


🌺 Date again without fear of getting hurt


🌺 Overcome the negative emotions from your past


🌺 Reclaim your power - it belongs to you, not your ex


🌺 Feel fulfilled, without depending on a "better half"


🌺 Stop unhealthy behaviours and feel joy in your daily life

The 12 Week Program

Dating the wrong guys sucks. Of course you want to have a real loving relationship! But HOW?


Here's the solution.


Jonam and I created a powerful transformational program. We applied our combined 20 years of research in communication, relationships, psychology, and behavioural profiling. 


You're in good hands!


The 12 Week Training Program Includes:

  • Private Membership & Login: get lifetime access to the lessons and workbooks
  • Secret Facebook Group: direct support exclusive to the community members
  • Weekly group Q&A calls: clear your doubts and keep your journey on track
  • Hypnotherapy recordings: let the most powerful part of your mind make the changes for you
  • 4 x 60 min coaching calls: individual, uninterrupted time with your coaches  



Over The 12 Weeks We Cover:

  • Week One – The Self Sabotage Assessment “What’s Wrong With Me?”
  • Week Two – Building A Good Reputation With Yourself
  • Week Three – Where It Went All Went Wrong & How To Avoid That In The Future
  • Week Four – Trust Vs Being Naïve & Gullible
  • Week Five – Building A Life Worth Sharing
  • Week Six – No More Wasting Your Time With Small Talk
  • Week Seven – Creating An Attraction & Spark That’s Here For The Long Run
  • Week Eight – Finding Someone Who Is Worth Your Time
  • Week Nine – Dating For The Alpha Female
  • Week Ten – Building The Foundations For True Commitment
  • Week Eleven – When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object: Resolving Conflict
  • Week Twelve – Be True To You In A Loving Secure Relationship    


....And Much Much More!

Build yourself back up after those painful past relationships. 


Drop the struggle of letting go. Start creating the life you know you were born to live, with confidence, freedom, and happiness.


This program will show you what you’ve been missing all this time

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Meet Your Coaches

Lily Walford

Relationship & Dating Coach

Behavioural Profiler | Hypnotist | NLP Master Practitioner


Lily Walford has worked with women all over the world, supporting them after the darkest of times to go on to find healthy and loving relationships.


Are you ready to experience that shift of feeling empowered and confident, knowing that you can attract that man of your dreams?


Imagine saying goodbye to those relationship blocks and mastering authentic ways to attract that perfect partner and turning dating, into a committed relationship.

Jonam Ross

International Hypnotist & Coach

Behavioural Profiler | Hypnotist | NLP Master Practitioner


Jonam Ross has delivered workshops and 1:1 sessions in over 10 countries, enabling hundreds of women to become more confidently connected with the most centred, empowered versions of themselves.

This unique background enables him to guide clients through and beyond all the obstacles that can make relationships an emotionally painful part of life, and transform them into the rich celebration of connection and pleasure that they can be.

What Are People Saying?

I signed up to my coaching program and must say that I found Lily so approachable and easy to get along with. Her training really had me thinking and questioning my beliefs and defence mechanisms which  I was using to stay single. After being coached with Lily, we worked through my underlying issues with men from my childhood, got in touch with my inner child and went through some hypnotherapy which released me from my self imposed defences.

I feel that I am now open to a relationship, have confidence and trust in my ability to feel whether someone is right for me or not and feel confident to walk away from any situation (without questioning myself) that does not feel right.

Lily is a legend.


New Zealand

When I discovered Lily, I was in a very sad place. I have been so surprised about how quickly my world has turned around!!! My confidence has improved so much as well as my self-worth and self-esteem and I don’t think I’ve ever really felt this happy and confident and positive before.

I feel excited about the future now and in a really good place, even excited about dating again!  Lily used such an interesting and varied mixture of tasks and techniques to help. There wasn’t a question or block that Lily didn’t have the answer to or the guidance there for me to work it out!  I felt better so early on and this just built and built and it was really fun too!  Thank you Lily, I’ve learnt so much!


United Kingdom

I can’t express how thankful I am for your kind words, your support through the hardest, roughest part of my growth and for just being there, picking apart my emotions and helping me sort through them one by one. It is truly unbelievable to see how far I’ve come and to feel the difference within just a few short weeks and I did it!

Life has definitely changed significantly for me and in the best possible way, to love life again was something I wasn’t sure could happen, to feel that much pain deep down, like it seemed absolutely impossible to come out alive, to feeling the way I do now is remarkable! I couldn’t have done it without you Lily, I have such a passion for life, to be happy and just live my life for me.



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