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As a coach it's important to work with someone who understands how to get the best out of your mind. We already know that coaches have a grasp on mindset and how to solve problems but what do coaches do when they desire that added support or push to improve their mindset and performance so that they can continue to support their clients in a big and impactful way. 


Meet Lily

Lily Walford has worked with 100's of coaches around the world on mindset and performance.


Have you ever found that you have limited yourself and your potential in your life and business? Have you found that you have felt like an imposter working with clients on issues that you feel that you haven't resolved yourself?


Mindset blocks such as money mindset, visibility, imposter syndrome can certainly play into how you show up in your business and your coaching.


If it's important to you to ensure that you and your clients are getting the best out of you then please check out the options below.


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Our Work We Can Do Together

Mindset is the difference between achieving or failing. Those who are successful will tell you that their mindset is the most valuable asset they own. What do we do with valuable assets? We invest in them. Time, energy and resources so we can gain more from ourselves and our lives.  


In our work together we will discover your true goals and carefully work through the obstacles that are preventing you from getting there.


Maybe your dream is to successfully achieve $10k months in your business but there seems to be this akwardness you feel when on sales calls and delivering your price.


What if the dream is to have a huge impact on so many lives but something is holding you back from being visible in your business, feeling proud of what you do and to feel confident that you are the expert in your field. You and I both know that there are so many people that can benefit from your help and support. 


Is there a feeling of hopelessness, overwhelm and burn out? You know that you are meant for more but there's something screaming out at you "this isn't working!"


There's a common theme with all of these elements but there's never a one size fits all approach as everyone is different. The common theme is these issues are showing up to keep you safe and to hold you back. 


The question that needs answering is.... are you ready for more?


I work with coaches who want to serve more people, who want to have a huge positive impact and coaches who want to be successful in their zones of genius. 


What Our Clients Say

As business owners and human beings, on occasion, we all struggle with issues of self confidence, realising our own potential and value. In my work as a Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Business Mentor it is of the utmost importance that I get the best out of my clients not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. However on occasion those issues of self doubt can start to creep into your own thoughts and can really derail your own progress. Lily has a unique way of making you see the real difference you can make in someone’s life, how to value your own skills, raise your confidence levels and give you that boost that you need to really deliver high end, high quality, impactful work that allows you to get the best out of you and give your all to your clients. I can’t recommend working with Lily enough, she’s the rock star of coaching for coaches.

Liz Robson

Physiotherapist - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Business Mentor

R J Health Care

I was incredibly fortunate to have the pleasure of working with Lily at a time in my life when I was going through enormous growth and transformation.

Lily's natural ability to see things that were playing out for me at an unconscious level that I simply couldn't see was extraordinary.

With her guidance and support I was able to move through challenges and obstacles, break through barriers and keep moving forward toward my dreams and goals.

Thank you Lily for sharing your gifts and light with the world. I know your guidance and support came to me at the perfect time in my life, I am so grateful for the growth that came from the work we did together. Blessings.

Shay Bloxham

Owner & Founder

One Tribe

Working with Lily was such a joy. She brings a great sense of humour, grounding energy, plus so much knowledge to each and every call.


Lily was able to help me overcome blocks I didn't even know I had so that the things that had felt challenging in my business got to be easy and fun! Her demeanor makes you feel at ease and we always had a good laugh (and sometimes a little cry as well).


Lily is a wonderful coach and phenomenal human being. Thank you so much for everything Lily!

Katie Allen

Self Love Coaching & Wellness

Lily was such a light during the time I was launching my business.


We would have monthly calls where we would chat about how things are going, and she always did such an amazing job at meeting me where I was at. She always had the most perfect question, statement, or activity to work through to help me move past any blocks I may have had or just to help me shift my focus.


Her positive attitude and beautiful energy was exactly what I needed whenever we interacted. If you have the opportunity to work with Lily you will absolutely not regret it”

Alyssa Robertson

Parent Coach & Behaviour Consultant

Behaviour Mama

I needed help to be visible and not in an Instagram flaunt it kind of way! I was petrified to be seen and heard as I'd spent my life hiding - invisible.


It was my passion to help other women who were suffering emotionally, physically and even at times financially from the burden of being overweight, to get off the diet rollercoaster permanently and to do it differently this time!

As a woman myself; who was obese for twenty years, I was invisible, I avoided cameras (who wouldn't at that size)! How could I be OK with telling my story to strangers?


But if I couldn't' do this, if I couldn't get some level of comfort - if I could not get out of my way, I would not be able to help others. I was terrified; I was stuck.


Lily, worked with me to pull out my fears, understand the meaning behind my blocks and help me set accountable action steps which would lead me closer to my goals. I'm very grateful for the insight and compassion that Lily displayed while coaching me towards my goals as it set me on the path to successfully helping others

Vanessa Armstrong

Founder of Keto

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Lily for 3 months. She’s not only warm, caring and incredibly genuine, she’s also an amazing coach. She helped me tremendously, both personally, and in my business.


With her help I was able to work through each of my mindset blocks, and come out the other side with confidence, clarity and motivation to realise my full potential

Katherine Keough

Founder of Fertility Hub Nutrition

I was very fortunate to work with Lily as I began my transition into coaching, pivoting from a Digital Design and eCommerce Marketing into an eCommerce coach for Tattoo Artists. 


Having a strong and resilient mindset is paramount in business and I wouldn’t have had the amazing mindset shifts and outlook on how my mind operates and how to master it without Lily.


Lily also really helped me tackle a completely new area I would be facing in my new coaching business - which was sales calls. I definitely wouldn’t have landed my first client without her amazing guidance and advice!


I highly recommend working with Lily as she really has her own special brand of mindset magic and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her and strengthen my mindset for business. 

Amber Cappelletti

Creative eCommerce Strategy Coach


More Client Success

Lily is an amazing mindset coach. She has been a huge support to me on my new career journey, helping me to believe in myself and what I can achieve. 

She also helped me with a piece of work at 11pm at night so that I had it ready in time for the next day!

Lily is an absolute superstar and I can't wait to work with her again in the future.

Rebecca Surrey

Addiction Recovery Coach

Rebecca Surrey Addiction Recovery Coach

The mind shifts that happened through the work with Lily were amazing. My business and where my focus is has changed a huge amount. Doing the work with someone else is stronger and shifts happen so much quicker, I cant recommend Lily enough her warm heatfet approach makes you relax and open up, Lily really listens to what is going on and works with you to change how you are feeling towards it. Loved our time together Lily thank you.

Tori Knight

Shamanic Coach

Tori Therapies

As a Coach, one of my biggest realisations is that every good coach needs a good coach themselves!

I am deeply grateful that Lily was my High Performance Coach for 3 months and was of essential help to me in starting my purpose work as a Ladies Life Coach and Global Online Community Builder. As a Transformation Coach, I help ladies to transform from stuck and struggling, to strong and successful in any area of their life: challenges with their own self, mental or physical health, relationships, work, finances and more. Lily took the time to understand my mood, mindset and motivation; the vision behind my mission, and based on that thorough understanding first, she coached me with impact and offered suggestions that aligned with my goals. A unique ability that Lily has, is to be able to understand a person’s real-time tests and challenges (I had many during the time Lily coached me!), whilst strategising, rising and facilitating a person to overcome such obstacles. Lily brought empathy and energy-shifting techniques for practical application to my coaching sessions with her, which helped me to move outside my comfort zone and GET THINGS DONE. Lily’s coaching was effective as she carefully selected questions, to get me to think for myself. Her questions were constructively and carefully aimed at: practical execution of planned and tracked steps I could take, to implement for progress towards my goals; accountability to the goals I had set for myself, so that ultimately I stayed accountable to myself; moving past my own limiting beliefs and being kind to myself when and where needed. Lily is a coach who empowered me to mentally move myself into a space where I could get creative, joyfully celebrate my successes with her and feel enthusiastic about my challenges as part of the journey of entrepreneurship. I remember on my second coaching session with Lily, one seemingly small but significant practical tip I took away with me, was to write down all I needed to get done, to avoid overwhelm. Once I could see what I had achieved and what was still left, I could relax. Furthermore, some leadership inspiration I also left the session with, was her sharing that Albert Einstein, in one of his talks, thanked all the other scientists around him, and before his time, for their good work and outstanding contributions to the field of science. This reminded and reinforced to me, the quality of a good leader being one of appreciation and respect for other good leaders around them and previous to them. In essence, Lily embodies excellent listening abilities, a warm and grounding yet empowering personality as a coach, and sharp, snappy action step suggestions, to power a person’s progress towards their goals. This was my genuine experience, which I sincerely thank you for once again Lily and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others, so that they can also be benefited by the life-changing difference you can make to their potential and progress.

Sonal Patel

Transformation Coach

Miss Soul Gym

Lily is a lovely, inspiring coach. She could see what was behind my blocks easily and helped me with motivation to achieve my goals.

Sarah Jones

Trauma Counselling

Sarah Jones Counsellor

I found Lily to be so sweet and understanding. She guided me when I needed assurance and believed in me totally. That is what makes a great leader and coach. 

Rashi Nayar

prosperoushealer  · Entrepreneur

Prosperous Healer

Writing my Coaching programme was a daunting task for me. I struggled to find the right words and get my message across. That's where Lily came in! I made use of Lily's excellent language skills, patience and her coaching ability to bring my goal to reality. I'd recommend Lily to anybody wishing to move forward with their goals in life.

Rhona Barton

Owner & Director

RB & Associates


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